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7 money experts reveal what's at the top of their financial to-do list in 2020

What do financial experts do with their money? (Source: Getty)

Have you ever wondered financial advisers do with their money?

It seems like for them, just like for their clients, 2020 is a new year – and a financial spring clean in order.

Yahoo Finance reached out to the money experts and eight of them revealed what’s at the top of their to-do list in 2020:

Make investing more ethical

For me, it’s looking at how I can better introduce ethical and sustainable practices into my portfolio. We do a lot of this with clients and I’ve learnt so much about this ever changing space over the last few years. I’m a big believer in process and purpose so trying to tie this together with more ethical investment principals is something I want to focus more on in 2020.

–Chris Giaouris, co-founder of Chronos Private Wealth

Find the best budgeting app

The top of my personal finance to-do list is to test new budgeting apps to see which ones are the most helpful.

–Matt Hern, budget and money coach

Get a better deal on my home loan

Review home loan interest rates with a mortgage broker. With the current record low rates there are many institutions willing to offer very competitive rates on their home loans. This has created opportunities to save on home loan interest and I want to see if I can get a better rate from my current lender, or whether I need to break ties and go somewhere else.

–Cameron McLean, financial adviser, Acumen Wealth Management

Get health to get wealth

Eat my greens!! Health helps wealth. Incorporating mental, physical and lifestyle factors is integral to a successful financial strategy. While none of us can predict how healthy we will be in the future, you can help influence the outcome by making the right lifestyle choices today.

–Tony Sandercock, financial planner, wetalkmoney

Hit reset

To take some time away with my husband to reset our goals for the new decade.

–Adele Martin, founder, Firefly Wealth

Support local businesses

My personal finance to-do is to ensure that any discretionary spending (food, clothing, personal grooming, gifts, etc.) is spent on Australian grown, produced, designed and/or manufactured goods. It will help me focus more on supporting Australians and our economy.

Laura Menschik, director and financial planner, WLM Financial Services

Shop for a new loan

Personally, I’m looking to start my fourth housing build so will be shopping around for a new construction loan for a home that is bigger than my current 9mx7m former classroom.

–Amanda Cassar, co-founder, Wealth Planning Partners

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