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Moms on Reddit play hilarious game of ‘How pregnant are you?’: ‘My belly honked my horn’

Pregnancy is the miracle of life — but it’s not always comfortable, is it?

Changes to your body can be physically taxing, and growing a whole new person inside you requires attention and care. A Redditor’s game of “How pregnant are you?” prompted some hilarious responses.

The user @abigroundballoon posted the inquiry in Reddit’s “Baby Bumps” forum. The mom explained — to comedic effect — how pregnant she was. She then asked other Redditors to take their “turn” in the comments.

“I’m so pregnant that I exerted so much effort this morning putting my socks on that I immediately threw up into the garbage can,” the mother said.


The prompt received 626 upvotes and 423 comments. Many posters were eager to vent about just how pregnant they really are.

“I’m so pregnant that my belly honked my horn in the daycare parking lot, startling the people around me,” a user shared.

“I’m so pregnant that when I dropped the soap in the shower today I left it and washed my body with shampoo,” someone wrote.

“I’m so pregnant that not a single way of existing is comfortable anymore. Lying down, sitting, or standing up,” a person commented.

“I pee myself a little every time I bend over to feed the dogs,” a user revealed.

“I’m so pregnant that it feels like Gandalf’s beard between my legs,” a Redditor joked.

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