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Mobile device shopping on rise this Xmas

Australians are increasingly using their mobile devices to shop in the lead up to Christmas, PayPal data shows.

PayPal Australia says 22 per cent of Australians are expected to make $5.6 billion worth of purchases on their mobile phones this Christmas, compared to $155 million in 2010.

About 22 per cent of Australians have used a mobile device to make a purchase so far this festive season.

During the last five weeks Australians were increasingly using their mobile devices to shop after storeS closed, with 30 per cent of transactions between 8pm and midnight.

"Our data demonstrates that for consumers, there is residual 'shopping time' continuing on from the 'in-store' experience after they leave the shopping centre, on their mobile devices," PayPal Managing director Jeff Clementz said.

"Additionally we are seeing consumers shop in short, mission-focused bursts on mobile devices as they knock items off their Christmas list while commuting or relaxing at home."

He said he expected mobile shopping to continue increasing up until a few days before Christmas but will then drop off as last minute shoppers head to the bricks and mortar stores.

Australian National Retailers Association chief executive Margy Osmond said PayPal's data was consistent with her organisation's research earlier this year which showed the use of mobile devices to shop was steadily increasing.

"It's not surprising that PayPal is seeing this spike around Christmas, certainly this is the most digitally connected Christmas that we've seen," she said.

She said while many people did choose to make purchases on mobile devices after browsing in store, the spike in Australians doing so when shops closed may also be due to restricted trading hours.

"The Productivity Commission recommended when it came out with its report into the retail industry two years ago that there needed to be a complete deregulation of trading hours," she said.

"That's about recognising that when people want to shop and how they want to shop has changed and consumers need to be given as many options as possible."