Millions of Aussies could soon get Centrelink boost

Treasurer Jim Chalmers is likely to lift the JobSeeker rate in the May Federal Budget.

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Centrelink sign. People walking.
Some Centrelink recipients may receive a boost in the May Federal Budget. (Source: Getty)

Aussies receiving JobSeeker could soon receive higher payments, with rates potentially increasing by as much as $25 a day.

According to The Australian, Treasurer Jim Chalmers is likely to lift the JobSeeker rate as part of the May Federal Budget.

This is due to a push from an independent welfare review committee, which was created by the Government in return for support passing its industrial relations bill.

Increasing JobSeeker payments was the primary focus of the committee’s first meeting in December. Payments are currently $334.20 per week or about $47.70 per day for a single person.

Members of the committee are reportedly pushing for an increase of as much as $25 a day. This would be consistent with the Australian Council of Social Services, which has called for payments to be lifted to $73 a day.

Although Chalmers did not confirm the boost, he said he would not rule out an increase to payments and would consider any changes against the nation’s fiscal challenges.

“Clearly, we will do what we can when we can,” Chalmers said.

Record wage growth

It comes as wages grew at their fastest rate in almost a decade. According to analysis from the Treasury, wages grew 1 per cent in the September quarter and 3.1 per cent through the year.

Workers in lower-skilled occupations received higher wage increases, growing 2.3 per cent for the September quarter, compared to 1.2 per cent for the most skilled workers.

This boost was attributed to the Fair Work Commission’s decision to lift the minimum wage by 5.2 per cent in July last year, an increase of $40 per week.

Despite this, real wages are still going backwards, with the annual rate of inflation currently sitting at 7.3 per cent.

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