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‘Don’t go to the bathroom’: Michael Bloomberg’s weird tip for success

·3-min read
Michael Bloomberg reveals his controversial key to success. Source: Getty
Michael Bloomberg reveals his controversial key to success. Source: Getty

The latest Democratic candidate to join the 2020 US election race, Michael Bloomberg, is also a very successful businessman - and his keys to success are currently making the rounds on Twitter.

In an interview with Tech Crunch back in 2011, Bloomberg revealed his interesting tactics.

“I am not smarter than anyone else, but I can out-work you,” he said.

“My key to success for you or for anybody else is: make sure you’re the first one in there everyday and the last one to leave, don’t ever take a lunch break or go to the bathroom.”

“You keep working, you never know when that opportunity is going to come along,” he said.

“You can’t control your luck, but the harder you work, the luckier you get.”

But this kind of advice hasn’t really struck home with the younger generation - the demographic Bloomberg, 77, is striving to make a connection with.

“Geez. That sounds horrible,” one Twitter user replied.

“Draconian capitalist nightmare,” another added.

“Bad advice,” another said. “I did that and ended up having a Stretched out "Nurses Bladder" that retains pee because I held it too long. And I was hospitalized for exhaustion and pneumonia for working two jobs and 65 hours a week.”

Bloomberg’s latest campaign tactic

The billionaire has reportedly spent over US$300 million (AU$467 million) on advertising already, but his latest campaign is turning heads.

The presidential candidate is seemingly offering US$150 to Instagram influencers so they can make content supporting the politician, Reuters revealed.

“It feels weird to put out an ad supporting a person versus a product," Chrosniak said.

Thefatjewish, an Instagram page with 11 million followers, said he was approached by Bloomberg, but also didn’t take the bait.

“They asked me to do it, I said no,” he said in an Instagram comment. “From the subjugation of minorities through to stop and frisk policies to his hardline anti-marijuana stance...this dystopian Black Mirror simulation is too much for me.”

But other influencers from all industries are biting.

Alibaba boss Jack Ma’s ‘996’ methodology

Alibaba founder Jack Ma is one of the richest men in the world, and he believes a 72-hour work week is the key to success.

Ma believes in the ‘996’ schedule, which means working from 9am to 9pm, six days a week.

After some criticism, Ma doubled down on his opinion, saying the opportunity to overwork was a “blessing”. He said, “those who can stick to a 996 schedule are those who have found their passion beyond monetary gains”.

Later, he oddly back-peddled, encouraging workers to abide by a ‘669’ schedule: having sex six times in six days, and lasting as long as possible.

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