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Melbourne ‘tiny house’ sells for less than $60k

A "tiny house" in Melbourne has given a little hope to prospective Aussie homeowners after selling for less than $60,000 at auction.

The home, in Melbourne’s east, isn’t for everyone. It’s only 15m/sq.

But for couple Brad and Bianca Koch, the size is the appeal.

“Maybe down the track I can get my way and get a nice, tiny little house,” Ms Koch said.

This home sold for less than $60,000. Source: 7 News
The house is only 15sqm. Source: 7 News

“We’d like to have a little veggie patch and live more off the grid.”

Wade Cost, a potential buyer, said he and his partner were looking at “alternative living arrangements”.

“Because being a young couple, the prospects of buying a house are pretty out of our reach,” He said.

Unfortunately, they weren’t successful bidders this time around.

A woman named Jane managed to purchase the house for just $56,000.

It's probably not a home for the claustrophobic. Source: 7 News

Father and son team Paul and Indi Hangan are behind the tiny houses. Even they are surprised by their popularity.

“It’s been crazy,” Paul said.

“We had 4000 people come through and had two and a half hour queues just to go inside these tiny homes. That was more than we ever expected."

Seven more tiny houses have been sold after Saturday’s auction with another four under construction.

Seven more tiny houses have sold since this one on Saturday. Source: 7 News