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Mavs assistant Darrell Armstrong ensures Luka Doncic meets young fan with epilepsy

Sometimes all it takes is a homemade sign, a caring assistant and a classy player to make a heartwarming moment for everyone.

Prior to watching the Dallas Mavericks’ 123-111 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday night, a young Mavs fan got the meeting of a lifetime. Brayden Whitley was in the stands with his father, Ryan, holding a sign that read, “My doc said: Watching Luka helps my epilepsy! 9 months no seizures!”

Mavs assistant Darrell Armstrong, a 14-year veteran of the league who retired in 2008, saw the fan and brought him on to the court during warmups to meet his idol.

The Athletic’s Dorothy J. Gentry caught the sweet moment.

“I’m actually going to meet Luka?” Brayden said as he was taken on the court.

Doncic, who leads all players in All-Star votes after the first round, shook hands with Brayden and posed for a photo with him at the free-throw line. After the game, he met up with the young boy again and took off his sneakers to give to him. Fans chanted, “Luka!” as he did it.

The NBA star spoke with the media after the game about the importance of connecting with fans.

“This was a pleasure for me,” he said.

That’s the heartwarming content we want to see in 2020.

Dallas Mavericks forward Luka Doncic met a fan on the court before Thursday's game. (AP Photo/Brandon Wade)

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