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Man enrages wife with secret household addition: ‘Do I need permission to do something I want?’

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A couple can’t come to an agreement over a pear tree in their yard. 

The husband shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum. He wanted to plant a pear tree on their land which they have over an acre of. But his wife thought the tree would be more hassle than it was worth. So he went behind her back and planted the tree. Now she’s furious

“The house is in a semi-rural location and sits on a little over an acre of property,” he wrote. “I decided that I wanted to plant a fruit tree in our yard. Specifically, I wanted a pear tree. Pears are one of my favorite fruits to eat, they grow well in our area and I figured we could make desserts with the yield. My wife was against planting any sort of fruit tree. She said that they attract bees; especially yellow jackets. She also said that the fruit just ends up littering the ground, making it a pain to mow around and that there was no way we’d ever use or give away all that fruit no matter how hard we’d try, so most of it would just go to waste.”

They couldn’t settle on what to do, so he made an executive decision without her. 

“One of us was going to get our way; one of us wasn’t,” he explained. “So I just went ahead and bought and planted a pear tree about a week ago. I admit that I was kind of operating under the ‘better to seek forgiveness than permission’ paradigm but why do I need permission to do something I want in my own yard, anyway? She planted a rose garden there without my ‘consent,’ but I never would have tried to stop her because it was something she wanted.”

Reddit users weren’t too fond of the way the husband handled things. 

“You ignored her concerns and went behind her back,” one person wrote

“You obviously suck for going behind her back when she specifically was against this,” another said

“You deliberately did something that you knew your wife was against, just because you wanted it,” a user commented

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