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Man calls out wife over ‘horrible’ comments about his household duties: ‘Don’t let her bring you down’

Emerald Pellot
·3-min read

A stay-at-home dad didn’t appreciate how his wife talked about his childcare. Now he’s giving her the cold shoulder.

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum to see if he overreacted to a joke she made. The couple has a 10-month-old daughter. He works from home and cares for the baby most of the day while his wife is at work, then she picks up the duties when she gets home. But when she teased him about his performance as a father, he felt insulted.

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“We have a 10-month-old daughter and I’ve been basically a stay-at-home dad on top of working my regular day job,” he wrote. “I also do the cleaning around the house because I’m a total neat freak and order or cook dinner too if I have the time. On Sunday we went to have lunch at her sister’s house. First time we’ve all seen each other in a while.”

When the sister asked how life was going with the new baby, his wife gave a shocking response.

“My wife starts jokes about the house being a mess when she gets home and her having to clean it up because I’ve been too busy playing with our daughter all day to do it myself,” he explained. “When her sister’s husband asked how I manage I admitted it does get overwhelming sometimes and my wife once again chimed in saying I call her constantly throughout the day over little things. She also laughed about how every day when she gets home she just prays I didn’t burn the house down. I know it was all said in a lighthearted joking-around way, but it really hurt my feelings. Everyone was chuckling except me. So I straight up told her, ‘well I don’t appreciate you acting like I’m useless when I’m the one at home taking care of her all day and cleaning the house.’”

The wife became embarrassed and they went home. Now the two aren’t on very good terms, but the Reddit poster wondered if he should just let it go.

“You’re absolutely rocking it, so don’t let her bring you down,” a person wrote.

“I understand where the wife’s horrible comments are coming from. It sounds to me like the wife likely feels bad for not being around,” someone commented.

“My thoughts too. Misplaced mom guilt. But cutting someone down to build yourself up is never cool,” another added.

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