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MAFS' Sam blindsided by Coco and Cam’s 'secret meetings'

Gillian Wolski
·Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
·3-min read

Amid swirling rumours that his TV 'wife' has moved on with a fellow contestant, Married At First Sight star Sam Carraro has admitted that he was none the wiser to Coco Stedman's 'secret meetings' with Cameron Dunne.

Aspiring fashion designer Sam made the startling revelation during a chat with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa on Wednesday morning.

Married At First Sight star Sam Carraro during an interview on Nova.
MAFS groom Sam has revealed that he was blindsided by wife Coco and Cam’s 'secret meetings'. Photo: Nova.

'No idea'

In the previous night's episode, Sam had landed himself in hot water during an attractiveness ranking challenge in which he placed Coco in fourth position out of all the brides leaving her understandably upset.

"We saw the highlight's for tonight's show and it looks like [Coco] is being consoled by Cam who is basically out of his marriage already as well," Wippa said to an uncomfortable-looking Sam.

"Those two are getting quite close, do you find out about this very soon, that they've seen each other or does this go on for a while?" he asked.

"I can’t talk too much about it," Sam responded, adding, "but yeah, I didn’t know that it was going on, I didn’t know anything about it."


Married At First Sight star Coco Stedman
Coco was comforted by Cam after her husband Sam ranked her fourth in an attractiveness challenge. Photo: Channel Nine.

Sam's admission comes off the back of hints from Cameron's own bride, Samantha Jayne, that the cheating rumours surrounding her 'husband' might just be true.

Speculation that Cam had strayed began when Channel Nine shared a teaser clip that showed a steamy encounter between an unidentified bride and groom — except that the groom's distinctive tribal tattoos matched those sported by none other than crane operator Cam. Oops.

'Should have been smart'

Fitzy and Wippa continued to grill Sam about his treatment of Coco during the attractiveness challenge, which saw Coco rank Sam in the bottom four as well which didn't sit well with him at all.

With the benefit of hindsight, however, Sam admitted he should have 'been smart' and ranked his wife higher.

"To kick up a stink when [Coco] put me at bottom four, [I was an] absolute peanut.

"I shouldn’t have put her fourth, I should have been smart and put her higher up the ladder."

Wippa also called Sam out for dozing off on the couch next to Coco at one point.

Married At First Sight stars Bryce Ruthven and Melissa
Bryce said he felt “sick” when Melissa ranked him in first place, after he put her fourth in the attractiveness challenge. Photo: Channel Nine.

"At least have the decency to hear her out for the sake of keeping the peace mate," he said.

"I’m hearing you," Sam replied. "I’ve been cringing myself watching, it’s been very hard to watch myself. Believe me, I’ve been thinking 'who is this guy?'."

While Sam blatantly said he was not physically attracted to Coco he blamed editing for leaving out the part where he told her that she has a 'lovely and amazing body'.

"It’s not all about the physical attraction with Coco, it’s a lot to do with the personality. There’s a lot that’s been left out. We were on there for two months and you only see a couple of minutes," he added.

Attractiveness challenge fallout

Sam wasn't the only one to come a cropper with his partner following the disastrous new attractiveness challenge.

Bryce Ruthven said he felt 'sick' when his wife Melissa ranked him in first place, after he put her fourth.

“I feel sick after seeing what she picked. I feel like the worst human being in the world,” he said.

Melissa was left devastated over Bryce’s ranking, saying to the camera: “That’s a kick in the guts. I don’t even know what to say.”

The challenge went down like a ton of bricks with MAFS fans, who branded it 'disgusting' and 'cruel' on social media.

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