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Days after being named ACC Coach of the Year, Scott Satterfield's yard gets toilet papered by Chris Mack

Louisville basketball coach Chris Mack was so happy for colleague Scott Satterfield that he put a bunch of toilet paper around Satterfield’s front yard.

Satterfield was named the ACC Coach of the Year on Tuesday. Mack, who lives nearby, had some fun Thursday night in reaction to the news earlier in the week.

Satterfield was named the football coach of the year in his first season at Louisville. The Cards hired him from Appalachian State after the disaster that was the 2-10 season in 2018 under Bobby Petrino, and Louisville promptly made a five-game improvement and is heading to a bowl game at 7-5 this season.

We can only imagine how the, uh, non-so-cheery Petrino would have taken getting his yard toilet-papered after a big honor. We’re guessing that Satterfield and his family will enjoy it just a little bit more.

This is the look we imagine Scott Satterfield gave after seeing his yard toilet papered. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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