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$4,000 Jenga: Is this the most expensive game ever?

Get ready for a $4,000 Jenga set. Source: Getty

Games nights are generally what we choose to do when we don’t want to spend money out.

Instead, we pull out the Monopoly, Scrabble or Pictionary, split a pizza with our mates and have a cheap, fun night in.

But, one major designer brand has turned cheap games nights on their head, venturing away from haute couture into haute Jenga.

You read that right.

Louis Vuitton, famous for their signature LV leather bags and suitcases is now bringing you Jenga - with the LV price tag.

Louis Vuitton jenga set: Source: Louis Vuitton

For the bargain price of $4,000, you could nab this multi-coloured plexiglass Jenga game, called ‘The Monogram Tower’.

According to Vogue, the Jenga set holds 54 pieces, each in a gradient theme from turquoise to fuchsia (when stacked in order), and each block stamped with the brand’s signature LV monogram.

I keep my Jenga set in a tattered cardboard box, but Louis Vuitton gives you a portable plexiglass box with a leather handle, because, why not?

Louis Vuitton's jenga set. Source: Louis Vuitton

And it’s not the first time the brand has ventured into new territory - earlier this year, Louis Vuitton released a coloured pencil set with matching leather roll.

Before that, the brand released monogrammed teddy bears, and a $100,000 toilet.

Who’s up for a games night?

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