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Casting call: ‘Funky looking’ people wanted

Do you look a bit like this? Image: New Line Cinema

Hollywood usually caters in symmetrical, beautiful, perfectly proportioned actors but the time has come for the less-photogenic to step forward. 

The Lord of the Rings television adaptation has put out a casting call for people who aren’t so symmetrical in a post on Facebook. 

“Funky looking people needed,” the call out from agency BGT reads. 

“Do you have an overbite, face burns, long skinny limbs, deep cheekbones, lines on your face, acne scars, ears that stick out, bulbous or interesting noses, small eyes, big eyes, any deformities, skinny faces, missing limbs?” it continues. 

“Do you look unusual?”

The call is open to any ethnicity provided they are based in Auckland, New Zealand. 

To land the role, you’ll also need to have “great availability” and working rights in New Zealand or be a New Zealander. 

Additionally, you will need to send in a clear selfie of your face without makeup. 

The adaptation will air on Amazon Prime in 2021 after production was forced to pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

It will resume in July, according to the New Zealand Herald. 

How much do extras get paid? 

According to the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, extras in films will be paid at least $131.56 for a four-hour call. However, if you’re chosen to be a featured extra with one or two lines, you’ll receive around 40 per cent more, MCTV Management Group said. 

On top of that, performers can be paid a range of loadings depending on the release of the film, overtime, cancellations and annual leave.

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