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Look inside this luxe penthouse designed just for Instagram influencers

Image: Village Marketing

Would you like to live in a luxury New York City penthouse with a rooftop deck, natural light and even a floor to ceiling wine fridge?

Unfortunately, that might not be possible. But if you’re a high-profile “Instagram influencer” you could just pretend to.

Described as a “first-of-its-kind photo studio for influencers”, this luxury SoHo apartment comes with a $21,000 a month price-tag, and is kitted out to appeal to high-profile social media personalities, and their manicured tastes.

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The agency that runs it, Village Marketing, connects advertisers with these social media personalities, who consider the SoHo studio a golden opportunity.

“Spaces like this are gold for them, because then they’re able to have a place that’s a home to shoot lifestyle home moments in,” Village Marketing founder, Vickie Segar told The New York Times.

She said influencers will book hotels or even stage sneaky shoots in furniture stores to get the photos they need, hamstrung by their tiny New York apartments.

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One of these influencers, Hannah Bronfman has shot in the Village Marketing studios.

“Listen, does Instagram create false reality? Yes, 1,000 percent,” she told The New York Times.

“But having a place like this, for me, is not about pretending your life looks like something else. It’s about having a space you need to get your work done.”

Village Marketing plans to charge brands for in-house events at the luxury studio so the space remains free for influencer photo-shoots.

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And what a space it is.

Furnished with velvet cushions, hardwood floors and a light-filled bathroom, the 2,400-square-foot apartment appeals to young women, Segar said.

“Most of our influencers are millennials, most of them love this colour palette,” she said.

“The gold accents, the blushes, the velvets, the furs.”

It also has a pristine bathroom with a bathtub just waiting to be filled with flowers and a bookshelf with books chosen for look, rather than content.

It all comes down to the look and the likes. As Village Studio said on its website, “We are a canvas for influencer lifestyle shoots and artful brand installations to change the visual dialogue and create impact on social.”