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Lonzo Ball's sleeve tattoo features stunning portraits of African-American trailblazers Barack Obama, Jackie Robinson

Cassandra Negley
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball had a second tattoo sleeve finished with portraits of Barack Obama, Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman. (Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports)

Lonzo Ball will have a new look when he takes the court with the New Orleans Pelicans this season and it won’t be just the jersey.

Tattoo artist Steve Butcher unveiled the former Lakers’ new sleeve tattoo in an Instagram video on Monday. He said the tat, which wraps around Ball’s left arm in stunning detail, is 99 percent healed.

It features the portraits of Civil Rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X; 44th president of the United States Barack Obama; abolitionist and antislavery activist Harriet Tubman; civil rights activist Rosa Parks; and MLB icon Jackie Robinson.

If you zoom in deeper on the video there’s no way you would know it’s flesh. The work by Butcher is incredible. The Southern California-based artist has done portraits of Randy Moss, Vince Carter, Thanos and Kawhi Leonard winning the NBA title.

He shared a closer look of the Robinson tattoo a few weeks ago before the bruising subsided.

The 21-year-old Ball showed off the bottom half of the sleeve in June featuring portraits of Obama, Tubman and Parks. It was also part of his first team photo shoot with the Pelicans last month.

It’s the opposite arm sleeve he had re-done in March after he cut ties with Big Baller Brand co-founder Alan Foster. Ball had the logo on his right arm re-worked into dice with the numbers 1, 2 and 3. It was presumably for the numbers he and his brothers wear. “Born 2 Ball” is written down his arm next to it with a star backdrop.

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