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Lockdown is absolutely not on the cards for winter at this point, Boris Johnson says

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Boris Johnson, wearing a mask, during a visit to a vaccination centre in Little Venice, west London  (PA Wire)
Boris Johnson, wearing a mask, during a visit to a vaccination centre in Little Venice, west London (PA Wire)

Boris Johnson shutdown any suggestion a full lockdown is currently on the cards for winter.

It comes as new coronavirus infections hit 49,298 and 180 deaths were recorded in the UK on Friday after daily cases skyrocketed to more than 52,000 on Thursday in the highest number since July.

On Friday, the Prime Minister got a grilling over the possibilities of a draconian lockdown during his visit to the Little Venice Sports Centre in London.

Mr Johnson was quick to reassure everyone there were no plans to have a full lockdown this winter with stay-at-home advice and shops closing.

He told reporters: “I’ve got to tell you at the moment that we see absolutely nothing to indicate that that is on the cards at all.”

Earlier this week, Sajid Javid warned daily cases could peak at 100,000 new infections a day.

But the Health Secretary set out the Government had no plans to implement Plan B yet which includes measures such as working from home and face masks.

Vaccination rates remain a success in the UK and an estimated 5.3million doses of the booster jab have been rolled out across the country, new figures revealed.

Mr Johnson celebrated hitting the milestone with booster jabs.

He said: “It’s vital that you take up your booster jab when you’re offered it this winter.”

At the moment, Mr Johnson said the measures remain under “constant review” but he said the UK was in line with what was expected for the autumn and winter plan.

He told reporters: “We keep all measures under constant review.

“We do whatever we have to do to protect the public but the numbers that we’re seeing at the moment are fully in line with what we expected in the autumn and winter plan.

“What we want people to do is to come forward and get their jabs. We also want young people, we want kids at school, to be getting their jabs.”

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