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LinkedIn releases its top 10 fastest growing graduate jobs

The legal sector has been busy hiring new graduates (PA)
The legal sector has been busy hiring new graduates (PA)

The fastest growing job type for new graduates on LinkedIn was being a solicitor when measured by the biggest percentage increase in filled roles between 2023 and 2022.

Research published as part of LinkedIn’s Guide to Kickstarting Your Career showed that the next biggest jump in filled roles as a percentage increase was for company founders. University leavers were also looking to become paramedics, finance specialists and auditors.

The study, released on Wednesday, showed diversity, knowledge of cultures and belonging were attributes commonly held by graduates. And, despite worries over the fossil fuel industry’s long-term future, hiring into oil and gas jobs also increased year on year.


The report followed another study that showed London is losing out on new job listings for head office staff.

Charlotte Davies of LinkedIn said: “We know this generation of new grads value flexibility; however, our data shows an overall trend towards significantly lower hybrid and remote work flexibility for entry-level jobs.

“For young professionals in particular, in-person work can provide access to valuable learning and development opportunities, a chance to connect and build meaningful relationships and feel part of the workplace community.”

“Founder” being revealed as the second fastest growing job among new graduates, “further reinforces that this generation is synonymous with having side hustles”, she added.

The LinkedIn report also showed that analytical skills were the most likely to be held by new graduates as were training in diversity and Microsoft Excel.

Education, utilities, oil, gas and mining were all among the top 10 fastest growing industries on this measure.

Ms Davies added: “While the jobs market is looking brighter for the latest cohort of new grads compared to last year, competition for roles remains tough, with 86 per cent of Gen Z saying they were considering looking for a new role this year.

“It’s important for young professionals to understand how they can differentiate themselves when applying for jobs and stand out to recruiters.”

The UK grad’s top 10 fastest growing jobs

  1. Solicitor

  2. Founder

  3. Paramedic

  4. Finance specialist

  5. Auditor

  6. Editor

  7. Marketing specialist

  8. System engineer

  9. Research analyst

  10. Investment banking analyst

The UK’s top 10 entry-level skills and attributes

  1. Analytical skills

  2. Diversity (cultural awareness, belonging)

  3. Microsoft Excel

  4. Design (marketing materials, web design)

  5. Training and development (HR)

  6. Engineering

  7. Presentations

  8. Research skills

  9. Customer relations

  10. Passionate about work

Top 10 fastest growing industries for UK graduates

The ranking is based on the percentage increase in the number of jobs new graduates got in each industry year on year.

  1. Education

  2. Utilities

  3. Oil, gas and mining

  4. Consumer services

  5. Construction

  6. Government administration

  7. Hospitals and healthcare

  8. Transportation, logistics, supply chain and storage

  9. Wholesale

  10. Financial services