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6 bottles of this wine will cost you more than a Lamborghini

Liber Pater's 2015 vintage Bordeaux will sell for $50,000 a pop. Source: My Lifestyle News

If you’re in the market for a new drop of vino, look no further than Bordeaux.

But on second thoughts, you might have to keep looking, because one bottle of this wine will set you back a whopping US$34,000 (AU$50,000) per bottle.

The Liber Pater winery has announced its 2015 Bordeaux vintage will hit shelves with a $50,000 price tag, and only 550 bottles will be made available for purchase.

When it’s released, it’ll de-throne Burgandy’s Romanée-Conti Grand Cru as the world’s most expensive wine, eclipsing it by a whopping $18,470.

The winemaker behind the vintage, Loïc Pasquet, is known for using ancient techniques like cultivating ancient grape varietals, and opting to age his wine in amphorae – ancient Greek jugs with two handles and a narrow neck – instead of oak barrels.

But Pasquet is also a known convicted fraudster, and has been sued several times for violating winemaking rules. In 2016, enemies destroyed 500 of his vines.

Pasquet’s notoriety and the vineyard’s scarce output (due to vandals and frost damage across several years), makes the price-tag a little easier to swallow though.

But Pasquet thinks the wine sells itself.

“I don’t set the price, the market does,” Pasquet told Wine-Searcher.

“That’s what you get with only 500 bottles produced.

“The wine turns into something else—for some, it is like a piece of art. The 2015 will be the first vintage made from entirely autochthonous grapes from ungrafted vines; it is produced as wine was before phylloxera.”

Phylloxera is a small, yellow insect that feeds on the roots (and sometimes leaves) of grapevines.

In any case, if you’re after a box of six, it’ll set you back more than the average Lamborghini ($200,000) would.

The vineyard’s 2018 Bordeaux vintage is expected to sell for an even higher price too.

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