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Leisurely Guang 'an, Deng Xiaoping's Hometown: Experience the Beauty of Chinese Pastoral

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GUANG’AN, China, December 03, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--‘Late in the spring, the hard-working peasants still shout their oxen to work in the fields; the paddy fields that have been idle for a winter are cultivated and cultivated, and the soil is even and soft. At the same time, the water is muddy and rippled. The seedlings in the drizzle are more green and attractive.’ This is a famous line describing the idyllic scenery in Yuechi Farmhouse by Song Dynasty poet Lu You. Yuechi, which inspired poets' love and memories of rural life, is located in Guang 'an city, Sichuan Province, which is the hometown of Deng Xiaoping, a great man in China. When you come here today, you will still be moved by the beauty of rural Chinese style that has passed through thousands of years but has not faded with time.

Guang 'an is famous for its natural and cultural landscapes, including the former home of Deng Xiaoping and the beautiful Huaying Mountain. And the long spread of farming culture here, but also with a fertile field, beautiful rural scenery, leaving a unique rural memory. The ancient Chinese poems yuechi Farmhouse, I believe, can arouse many people's curiosity and yearning for Chinese idyllic life.

If you want to experience the traditional Chinese peasant culture and enjoy Chinese rural life, then Guang 'an is a very good choice. Yuechi County under Guang 'an city has planned and built yuechi Rural ecological and cultural tourism area. Here, you can find the farm source, view the farm scenery, taste the farm banquet, appreciate the farm rhyme, feel the farm sentiment. Not only can you personally experience the poetic idyllic life of "picking chrysanthemum under the East fence" and "men ploughing and women weaving", you can also enjoy the colorful peasant arts such as lamp show, puppet show, shadow play, monkey play and Sichuan Opera and Duangong Opera.

From yuechi rural ecological culture tourism zone southbound not far to Guang'an City Wusheng County Baiping-Feilong rural tourism resort. In this leisure vacation, sightseeing experience, cultural and imaginative tourism area merging ecological pastoral, beautiful countryside and happy farming family, people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city can experience the fun of blending into nature and returning to rural life.

Guang 'an innovatively gives full play to the resource advantages of idyllic scenery, peasant art and rural life. Yuechi Rural ecological and cultural Tourism Area combined with Baiping-Feilong Rural revitalization demonstration area not only creates a rural cultural tourism resort incorporating cultural tourism and agricultural tourism, but also adds a new image for Xiaoping's hometown.

Yuechi Rural Ecological and cultural Tourism Area and Baiping-Feilong Rural revitalization Demonstration area recommended tour routes:

1.Chongqing-Guangan-Hu-rong Highway Yuechi station-Yuechi Rural Eco-cultural Tourism Zone-Baiping - Feilong Rural Tourism Resort
2. Chengdu-Nanchong-Hu-rong expressway Yuechi station - Yuechi Rural Eco-cultural Tourism Zone-Baiping-Feilong Rural Tourism resort.

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Guang’an Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau
July Liu

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