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This pocket tool brand wants to pay your rent for a year

Leatherman is offering an Aussie millennial free rent for a year. (Source: Getty, Leatherman)

An American pocket tool company is taking an unorthodox approach to marketing, offering Australian renters the chance to win one year of free rent – all in the name of brand promotion.

Leatherman is a brand based in Oregon, US known for creating useful Swiss army knife-like pocket tools designed for any situation.

So, naturally, to launch their new product they’re offering to pay rent bills of up to $25,000 to one Australian millennial.


According to their website, the brand wants to help a young Aussie take a load off one of their biggest expenses.

“Millennials actually have it harder than most other age groups, experiencing higher living expenses than ever before,” the website says.

The brand wants to help people prepare for real-life experiences and turn obstacles into opportunities, Leatherman Australia managing director David Yates said.

“We know many young Australians would love to escape their housemates from hell, or finally move out of their family home, so we want to help free someone from their situation and put that money towards further pursuing their passion projects.”

And the competition has a personal backstory.

According to the website, founder Tim Leatherman spent eight years developing the tool as a recent engineering graduate, but had to rely on his wife’s income for eight years to do it.

“We want to support other young individuals to follow their dreams by ridding one Australian millennial from their biggest expense; their rent,” the website says.

All this to launch their new range of six tools, the Leatherman FREE which flips the tool open at the push of your thumb.

How do I get free rent?

Only one Australian millennial will get to side-step their rent bills for a year. To throw your hat in the ring, you’ll have to head to the website and in no more than 25 words, express why you deserve free rent for a year instead of the other hundreds or thousands of Australians who will be entering the competition.

The competition closes on the last day of October at 11:59pm AEST, with the winner to be announced on November 4th.

And even if you don’t win big, it doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be left with nothing: Leatherman is giving away a Leatherman FREE T2 (which includes eight tools such as a bottle opener, package opener and a Phillips head) to two people for every week of the competition period.

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