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There’s something very different about this Aussie KFC store

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KFC will open a new concept store in Newcastle with one big difference: you never go inside.

The world-first KFC drive-thru-only store will feature five lanes, with two reserved for traditional order and payment methods.

The other three lanes will be for diners who ordered through the KFC smartphone app or website before arriving at the store. From there, the customers just need to enter a unique four-digit code delivered to the smartphone app onto the touchscreen receiver at the drive thru store. The order is then sent to the kitchen to be prepared.

KFC said the concept store reflects the growing prominence of eCommerce in Australia, with Australians increasingly valuing the convenience of online ordering. The fast food chain has seen in-app ordering double each year for the last five years.

Source: KFC

Construction of the store began in late June, with the store set to open in early November.

And if the concept is successful, stores in a similar format will be rolled-out across Australia.

Source: KFC

“We’re dedicated to continually building on our customer offering, that we’re always providing delicious and fresh meals, in the most convenient way to meet their busy lifestyles,” KFC Australia chief marketing officer Kristi Woolrych said.

Starbucks launched its drive thru only stores in 2012, with McDonalds following in its footsteps in 2016, opening a drive thru only store in New Jersey, USA.

Source: KFC

It’s been a big few months for the fried chicken company, with KFC testing its first vegan ‘chicken’ burger in the UK in June.

The ‘Imposter Burger’ has a fillet made from meet substitute product, Quorn, instead of chicken.

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