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Names of biggest shopaholics revealed

Isla Fisher plays Rebecca Bloomfield in the hit 2009 film Confessions of a Shopaholic. Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

To anyone named Karen or Josh, there’s some bad news: according to new research, you’re the most likely to be a shopaholic. 

Marketplace analysed its British customers’ spending habits over three years, finding that 65 per cent of shoppers have overspent while shopping online and nearly half spend most of their disposable income on food and drink. 

But if your name is Joshua or Karen, you’re likely spending even more. 

In addition to analysing spending habits, it analysed the names of those who are frugal or overspenders. 

“With thousands of people going through our site daily, we see a host of shopping habits and trends, whether that’s by name, age or location,” founder Cas Paton said. 

“Therefore, we thought it would be fascinating to see which names are synonymous with the top spenders onsite, and also the names of those who are more careful with their money, opting for deals and discounts over full-priced products. 

“Who knew there’s such a common parallel with names and shopping habits, there seems to be a lot more to a name than we initially thought.”

Which men are the biggest shoppers? Image: Getty

Top names of shopaholic women: 

  1. Karen

  2. Courtney

  3. Stephanie

  4. Maddie

  5. April

Top names of shopaholic men: 

  1. Joshua

  2. Chris

  3. Callum

  4. Scott

  5. Lewis

It also analysed the names of shoppers who were the most frugal, or those who bought the most when sales were on.

Women named Emma are the most frugal shoppers. Image: Getty

Women named Emma and Katie, and men who were named Matthew and Jack were the most likely to hunt down the sales.

Top names of frugal women: 

  1. Emma

  2. Katie

  3. Julie

  4. Alice

  5.  Zoe

Top names of frugal men:

  1. Matthew

  2. Jack

  3. Sam

  4. James

  5. Simon

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