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Jobseeker divides by walking out of interview after 35 minute wait

After being made to wait 35 minutes without an explanation, the potential employee simply walked out.

A composite image of people walking on a busy street and the Reddit post where the user asks if they were wrong to walk out of a job interview.
The jobseeker took to Reddit to ask their opinion. (Source: Getty / Reddit u/HachiTofu)

After going for a job interview at a local bakery, one Reddit user walked out after being made to wait 35 minutes without explanation.

“Interview scheduled for 10, I arrived at 9:50, went to reception and signed in etc. I was told they’d be with me in 5 minutes, they’re just getting prepared and all of that stuff. 5 minutes go by, nothing. 10 minutes go by, still nothing. I figured they’re interviewing someone else or that they’re running behind, no big deal,” user HachiTofu said.

As the eager jobseeker waited they explained numerous people walked by, including the man who was meant to be interviewing them.


“It’s at this point I say enough is enough and sign myself out. It’s 10:35. No one has bothered to explain any delays, the interviewer has blanked me several times despite knowing I’m sitting there waiting,” they said.

“The way I’m seeing this is that if I was 35 minutes late for the interview with no explanation as to why I’m late, I’d have no chance of getting the job. I’m also thinking if this is how badly their time management is, what will it be like actually working there? But I’m also thinking maybe I should've been more patient, and that it’s a bit unprofessional to walk out.”

Users were quick to jump to the jobseekers defence, with many pointing out that the business was unprofessional for making them wait.

“At the end of the day, an interview is a two-way street. It also gives you insight on somewhere where you may want to sign a contract of employment. If that's the first impression, I think I'd have walked out, too,” one user said.

“After 30 minutes, can they really blame someone for not sticking around with no explanation? In my opinion, wasting people's time by not keeping appointments is unprofessional, no matter who's doing it. Good riddance,” another commented.

But others said if they were in the same position they would have spoken up, not just walked ouut without explanation.

“Personally speaking, if it were me, I'd have waited until 10:15 then spoke to the receptionist again and asked if she could find out when the interview was going to be because it was supposed to be at 10:00. I'd have given it until 10:30 (unless told it would be a little later) and by that point if i've not been acknowledged in any way or had it explained to me why the delay is occurring i'd have spoken to the receptionist again and told them I was leaving and why I was leaving,” one user commented.

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