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The 7 signs you nailed your job interview

What are the giveaways you got the job? (Source: Getty)
What are the giveaways you got the job? (Source: Getty)

You come out of the job interview that you’ve been nervous about for a week, and your phone buzzes with a message from your friend asking how you went.

Blank stares all round: in truth, you’re not sure. You answered all the questions, and the joke you cracked got some laughs.

And now that the interview is done, you’re feeling just as anxious as you were before you walked in the door, because you’re not sure if you did well or not.

But according to recruitment firm Robert Half, if any of these seven things happened in the interview, it’s a sure-fire sign you impressed the interviewer:

1. The interview went longer than expected

Recruiters and managers are typically tight on time, squeezing in job interviews with their day-to-day responsibilities.


So if your interview went over schedule by more than a few minutes, it’s a sign the interviewer liked what they heard, according to a Robert Half blog post.

2. You felt a rapport with the interviewer

This one is self-explanatory: you know pretty early on when you ‘click’ with someone.

Did conversation in the interview flow easily and smoothly? Did you leave the interview feeling it was an overall comfortable experience, and that you even enjoyed yourself?

If the answer to those questions is yes, it’s a great indicator you’ll be a good mesh with the organisation.

3. The interviewer exhibited positive body language

There are a few things to look out for here: eye contact, a sincere smile, they were leaning forward and talking with their hands, among other things.

“[They’re] all signs the interviewer is engaged and interested in you and in what you are saying,” the recruitment firm’s post said.

4. They asked about your other job prospects

If they asked you if you’re interviewing elsewhere, they want to know how in demand you are and assessing how urgently they need to move the hiring process along.

“They may be feeling the pressure to prevent you from slipping away.

“If they schedule that second interview before ending the first, you’re definitely in consideration for the position.”

5. You’re invited to meet others in the company

If you were introduced to people that you didn’t know ahead of time you would be meeting, that’s definitely a great sign you’re being assessed as a potential colleague.

Of course, be as friendly as possible to strike up a great first impression. Not only that, but it’s a great chance for you to see whether you’d enjoy working with these people in the future.

6. The line is open for you to call or email with any questions

Did you get handed a business card, or invited to contact them on their direct line and email address? You could reasonably expect to be called back for a second interview, according to the recruitment firm.

7. They asked about your references

You’re practically over the line at this point: if you’re asked this at the first interview, the recruiter is looking to fast-track the interview process.

“So before interviewing, be sure you’ve lined up a strong roster of professional references and they are ready to take calls from potential employers,” said the post by Robert Half.

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