Job ads highest in 25 years: Surprise industries desperate for workers

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An architect doing his job in an office and workers walking in the Sydney CBD.
Job ads are at their highest level in 25 years. (Source: Getty)

If you’re looking for a new job, there has never been a better time with job ads at their highest level in 25 years.

January saw record-breaking job ad numbers, according to the latest SEEK Employment Report.

Ads were up 4.9 per cent in the month, representing a 39.6 per cent increase for the year.

Not only that, but job ads are more than 36 per cent higher than in January 2019 - pre-pandemic.

“We are experiencing the great job boom, with record job ad numbers on in recent months, and January’s figures the highest in 25 years,” SEEK ANZ managing director Kendra Banks said.

“There were increases to job ads across the board, as all states and territories experienced month-on-month and year-on-year growth, and Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania all recorded the highest number of job ads in SEEK’s history.”

Which industries need people the most?

Two of the biggest hiring industries, trades & services, and manufacturing, transport & logistics, continued to grow over the past month.

There were 9.5 per cent more roles recorded in trades & services in January, up 36 per cent compared to last year.

The manufacturing, transport & logistics industry has posted 53 per cent more jobs than the same quarter last year.

In addition, the insurance & superannuation sector saw job ads rise 28 per cent in January and design & architecture jobs were up 14 per cent for the month.

“There remain plenty of opportunities for candidates looking to begin their job search in the new year, particularly in our top three hiring markets: trades & services, health care & medical, and manufacturing, transport & logistics,” Banks said.

“What we continue to see, despite industries fluctuating slightly month-to-month, is an ongoing rise in demand for good talent in all states and territories. This truly is the great job boom, and we do not expect this to change anytime soon.

“For any talent who has been putting off beginning the search for their next role, there really has never been a better time to start.”

Chart showing which industries had the biggest movement in job ads by percentage change.
National SEEK Job Ad percentage change by industry (January 2022 vs December 2021). (Source: SEEK)

Where are the jobs?

All states and territories saw increases to job ads monthly, annually and compared to the same month in 2019.

New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland were the biggest contributors to growth for the month, recording 4.6 per cent, 5.3 per cent and 5.4 per cent more job ads in January, respectively.

The Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Northern Territory also saw monthly increases of 2.8 per cent, 2.1 per cent and 0.1 per cent, respectively.

“Our most populous cities drove job ads up in January, with 4.6 per cent more on site in NSW, 5.3 per cent more in Victoria and a 5.5 per cent boost in Queensland,” Banks said.

“In addition to enjoying the biggest month-on-month increase of all states, at 5.5 per cent, Western Australia also recorded the greatest boost compared to pre-pandemic times, with 75.2 per cent more job ads than in January 2019.”