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Instagram's ‘dark mode’ – and the catch that comes with it

(Source: Getty, Reddit/NikolaiNyegaard)

Image-based social media app Instagram has rolled out dark mode, joining Twitter, Messenger and Gmail in doing so.

Both Android and iOS users can now experience the eye strain-reducing, battery-saving mode – however, you’ll have to have iOS13 or Android 10 to enjoy it.

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced the change on Twitter yesterday.

However, unlike other apps where you can toggle dark mode on and off within the app settings, Instagram dark mode only kicks in when you enable dark mode across your entire device.

It means that switching your whole phone to dark mode will see Instagram reflect that change.

While it may seem a little less convenient to some, the noir option will be a breath of relief for those who scroll Instagram endlessly, reducing eye strain and saving battery life while doing so.

How to get Instagram dark mode for iOS 13 users

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap ‘Display and Brightness’

  3. Tap ‘Dark’

How to get Instagram dark mode for Android 10 users

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap ‘Display’

  3. Tap ‘Advanced’

  4. Select ‘Dark’ from the Device theme menu

Make sure the Instagram app itself is also the most updated version – you can update Instagram in the App store for iPhone users or the Play store for Android device holders.

Facebook and Snapchat don’t yet have dark mode, although Facebook is reportedly testing it, according to reports by 9to5Mac.

Instagram yesterday also announced another major change, removing the ‘follow’ tab which will make it harder to stalk your old flames.

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