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For sale: $1.4m home that ‘needs bulldozing’

Image: Ray White

There are many ways to sell a home. 

Describing them as in need of “bulldozing” is one, unorthodox way of doing so. 

But that’s how the property at 25 Grosvenor Crescent Summer Hill has been described. 

The deceased estate features two bedrooms, one bathroom and a number of unusual features. 

“In its prime this home would have been something to see. But time has not been kind to this house,” the listing by Ray White Summer Hill reads. 

“There's not much more to say about this property. It needs love. It needs attention. 

“Maybe it needs bulldozing. 

“It's a project whichever way you look at it. Come see for yourself.”

Image: Ray White

A dusty, webbed corridor welcomes guests into the home, which features intense wallpaper, old furniture and full-length faded curtains. 

Image: Ray White

Then there are stacks of books and old artworks, competing for space with the dozens of empty bottles and antique vases. 

Image: Ray White

Covered in cobwebs, the home is still occupied by abandoned hat-stands. 

Image: Ray White

Out back, the garden features a hills hoist surrounded by overgrown plants.

Image: Ray White

But, as the listing agents note: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

The home will go to auction with a $1.4 million price guide this weekend, and is available for inspection at 1:30pm on Saturday.

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