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An ingenious hack to get a $7 Hawaiian pizza

Image: Domino's Australia

One ingenious Australian has found a loophole that can get you a pizza at almost half the price, without any promotional vouchers or codes.

The catch is that you need to like Hawaiian pizzas and Domino's.

"I just realised you can get a $7 Hawaiian pizza with a really simple hack: select a $5 ham and cheese pizza and then just add pineapple for $2. Easy!" said user shkippy on the OzBargain site.

Yahoo Finance has verified that this method works.

In inner city Sydney, a standard large Hawaiian pizza shows up as $12.95 online. But if you use the hack above, a ham and cheese pizza is added to the basket as $5.45.

Then adding pineapple costs just $2, meaning you get the same Hawaiian pizza for $7.45.

Screenshot of a Domino's online order with Hawaiian and Ham & Cheese with pineapple added.

The method sparked fierce conversation on the forums, with some people casting doubt on the quality of a ham and cheese with added pineapple, as compared to a "real" Hawaiian.

"A Domino's Hawaiian is supposed to have a certain amount of pineapple – I'm pretty certain they have photos for the workers of what its supposed to look like for quality control," said user qwerty.

"A ham and cheese + extra pineapple could be hit and miss."

A Domino's Australia spokesperson told Yahoo Finance that having pineapple as an added topping results is not the same as an original Hawaiian.

"Our Hawaiian pizzas have more than one additional serving of pineapple – they’re loaded with extra toppings," she said.

"To add the same amounts of ham, pineapple and cheese toppings to a value range Ham & Cheese pizza would cost customers an additional $8."

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