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Indonesia is the Main Investment Destination of PRC Investors: Report from Indonesia Investment Forum - Hong Kong on November 7

Hong Kong, Nov 11, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Indonesia has become the main investment destination of investors from People's Republic of China (PRC) for the period of 2010 until third quarter 2013, defeating nine other large countries, namely Brazil, India, United States of America, Russia, Brunei Darussalam, Saudi Arabia, Argentine, United Kingdom, and Australia.

"That is based on capital expenditure investment, outside the financial sector," said Deputy Head of Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board for Investment Cooperation Achmad Kurniadi during the Indonesia Investment Forum, Hotel Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong, on November 7, held jointly by PowerPR and Investor Daily.

Indonesia absorbs 10.4% capital expenditure investment of investors from China, Brazil 9.3%, India 7.2%, US 6.7%, Russia 5.6%, Brunei Darussalam 5.1%, Saudi Arabia 4.2%, Argentine 3.6%, United Kingdom 3.4%, and Australia 2.4%.

Indonesia has become the 8th largest world's investment destination, defeating Mexico and Canada for the period of between 2010 until third quarter 2013. Indonesia managed to lure 2.4% of total world investment, the same as Mexico and Canada.

According to Achmad, China becomes the fifth world largest investment destination, receiving 10.5% of world's total investment. The other nine largest investment destinations are United States (8.2%), Brazil (5.5%), India (5.1%), United Kingdom (4%), Russia (3.1%), and Australia (2.8%).

Meanwhile, at the same time Indonesia only become the 20th investment destination of Hong Kong investors. Indonesia only receives 0.3% of total investment from Hong Kong investors.

Indonesia, according to Achmad, even lost out to Vietnam which managed to attract 0.7% of total investment of Hong Kong investors. The countries that attract most of investment from Hong Kong investors are Nicaragua (58.3%), China (15.4%), Ghana (5.8%), Pakistan (4.4%), Malaysia (2.4%), Taiwan (2.2%), India (1.7%), Philippines (1%), and Mozambique (0.7%).

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