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How to get hundreds of dollars back from IKEA

IKEA's new plan gives back to the planet and your hip pocket. Images: Getty, IKEA

IKEA will give Australians money back for returning unwanted furniture under a plan to minimise landfill.

The Swedish furniture giant announced the move on Monday, saying the buy back scheme is a way to stop furniture becoming unnecessary waste.

Under the scheme, buyers bring back their used IKEA furniture in exchange for a refund card, with the furniture then resold. The furniture isn’t required to be disassembled either.

“Furniture we buy-back and resell in our AS-IS area provides an even more affordable option for many people. It’s this kind of approach and way of thinking that will help us achieve our goals of becoming a circular business and people and planet positive,” IKEA said in a statement.

Home furnishings, add on units, mattresses and blankets, benchtops, electrical appliances, cots and changing tables are not part of the program.

Well-used furniture is also not able to be resold.

But if it has only minor, or no scratches or stains, shoppers can get hundreds back.

For instance, the Fjell bed frame with storage in black with only minor scratches could see you score $164 back.

Image: IKEA

Or the Bråthult corner sofa in red/orange, without any scratches or stains could net you a neat $240.

Image: IKEA

And the Hemnes mirror cabinet with one door with several scratches or stains could get you $45 back.

Image: IKEA

Find out how much your old furniture could be worth here.

But, while the calculator gives an estimate, the final buy back value is subject to the valuation of an IKEA worker.

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