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Ian Denholm ProPetro Former CAO Defining Company Success Through Passionate Staff

Ian Denholm
·3-min read

Dallas, Texas, March 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ian C Denholm ProPetro leader revealed aspects of his colorful career in a recent exclusive interview with Bloomberg. Visionary, entrepreneur, CEO, and Co-Founder of Conquistador Capital, he joined other best-selling authors and business leaders in the Leader Roundtable Interview Series with the DotCom Magazine editorial staff.

The interview covered a wide range of subjects -- from Denholm's business philosophy to how Denholm leads by focusing on innovative business solutions that he supplies directly to company clients. Denholm feels that it's critical to start off with a clear concept and an organized business plan. That helps ae when it comes time to make critical resource allocation, and a clear blueprint takes away much of the guesswork when deciding where to spend money and where to cut the fat.

Differentiation Is Critical

Denholm believes that his companies differentiate themselves from others by not focusing exclusively on profits. ESG, or environmental, social, and governance issues, must be factored into business strategies to ensure a sustainable profit and inspire customer loyalty to the brand. Becoming sustainable stewards of the planet's resources becomes the very definition of ecology and best business practices.

Working hand-in-glove with local, state, and federal authorities on drilling strategy, drilling sustainable wells, and recovering the earth's resources efficiently sets any company up for sustained success. Instead of chasing down leads, companies come to Ian C Denholm Midland Texas with strong proposals and questions about how to develop the resources in an environmentally acceptable way.

Staff Your Company with Successful, Passionate People

Denholm's most important advice is to staff your company with dreamers and visionaries who also have the skills to implement their dreams. You can cut out the external noise and focus on achieving results quickly. When you remove obstacles to success -- such as timid responses, fear of commercializing your ideas, and company infighting -- our ideas are easier to develop.

It's important to have supportive families and friends because new ventures will take most of your spare time. Avoid distractions, except those that you plan, and push forward to achieve the results that you know are possible. That doesn't mean you can't set aside some personal time, but you have to devote most of your time to get an innovative project off the ground.

Maintaining Focus

There will inevitably be false trials, intriguing sidelines to explore, political issues, and the need to publicize your ideas in trade journals, social media, etc. You'll lose some productivity by pursuing unworkable strategies and avenues that you aren't currently equipped to handle. The important thing is to remain laser-focused on your core concept that started the whole process. When things grow too complex, don't be afraid to return to your original plans after toying with intriguing alternatives.

Keeping Informed

One important piece of advice that Ian C Denholm ProPetro endorses is keeping informed about news and political and industry developments. You can scan short articles on apps or you can also listen to audio files and podcasts while commuting or traveling to keep informed.

It's important to approach every internal meeting with an open mind. Listen to your team's ideas because they rank among the most capable and knowledgeable resources because you hand-picked them for these qualities.

About ProPetro Holding Corporation

ProPetro and Ian C. Denholm work as a holding company that facilitates the work of its subsidiaries that offer well drilling, cementing, and coiled tubing services for customers In North America.