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Ian C. Denholm of Midland, Texas Reveals How He Runs A Successful Business

Ian Denholm
·3-min read

Midland, Texas, April 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Famous for his top-notch leadership skills, Ian Denholm is a successful entrepreneur that runs a business in Midland, Texas. He is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Conquistador Capital, a company that focuses on providing accounting and financial support to startups.

So far, Denholm's entrepreneurship has stood the test of times, mainly because of his raving fans that play a great role in marketing his business. His secret to retaining such customers is the focus he has on solving their problems through innovation, and this helps expand their businesses, which is what every client wants.

Beating Competition

Apart from providing solutions, Denholm also excels in business by using environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives to support small businesses. The combination of these initiatives and the desire to make profits enable him to run a successful business while promoting and maintaining sustainability.

Generally, using social principles and putting ethics and environmental conservation above profits make a unique selling point for Conquistador Capital. Through this, he has been able to influence other entrepreneurs into running sustainable yet profitable businesses.

To him, ignoring all distractions from the world, working with result-oriented people, and focusing on achieving excellent results is the primary reason for the success of his business. Additionally, his exemplary leadership skills make it easier for him to run a successful team, in which every opinion greatly counts. His ability to listen to all team members and make use of their ideas without feeling intimidated is Denholm's strength that makes him a great leader.

Ian Denholm's Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

According to Ian C. Denholm, it takes a lot of time and effort to convert an idea into a running business. As such, young entrepreneurs need a lot of support from the families and friends to achieve such goals.

For instance, he says that having a family that understands how much time it takes to incubate an idea and commercialize it is a gift to any starting entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs should build such families. Additionally, while social media is a great tool for building a business, Denholm also thinks it is among the biggest distractors in today's world.

Therefore, he urges entrepreneurs to focus on building their business and avoid distractions that come with political discourse and social media. This way, they'll be able to increase their productivity and build successful businesses in a busy and distracted world.

About Ian Denholm

Ian C. Denholm is a former accounting officer at ProPetro Holding Corp. As an entrepreneur, Ian C. Denholm Midland Texas business interests include Conquistador Capital, a financial and accounting firm that supports startups. He likes improving himself and gaining new skills through small doses of online materials, podcasts, and audiobooks, which are easier to use compared to traditional textbooks.

Through his great leadership skills, he has, so far, built a successful company with team players who contribute a lot to achieving results. His wife and other family members are Denholm's greatest support in pursuing his dreams, and hence, they come first in his life. He is also a man of faith, and this keeps him going amid challenges.