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HR expert’s guide to writing the best resignation letter

How to write the best resignation letter. Source: Getty

If you think writing a resume or a cover letter is tough, writing a resignation letter is a separate challenge altogether.

Leaving a job can be an emotional and tense time, which can make writing a letter to your boss tricky, but Seek’s group director of HR, Kathleen McCudden, says it’s necessary.

“On the day of your resignation, after you have spoken with your manager, you should also provide them with a professional resignation letter and note the key dates.”

And before you do, McCudden says you should check your employment contract to ensure you’re providing the right amount of minimum notice

So what should I include in my resignation letter?

Resignation letters need to include your reasons for leaving, the effective date of the resignation and your intended notice period.

“The exact finishing date is often something that is discussed and negotiated, and sometimes it pays to be flexible on this point with your employer, especially if you are keen to handover properly and finish up on good terms,” McCudden said.

But, don’t make it personal.

“For some people, resigning can be quite an emotionally charged time, so try not to let your emotions get the best of you,” McCudden said.

“Any small amount of satisfaction you may feel at the time of venting your feelings, may come back to bite you in a very big way, somewhere along the line.”

Instead, McCudden said you should try to think about the key messages you want to convey to your boss, and remain calm.

“My strong advice is to be polite and gracious, and even if the experience of working for your employer has not always been a positive one - it’s in your best interests to be courteous and wish the organisation well in future.”

What if I’m asked for feedback?

When you resign, it’s not uncommon to be asked by your HR manager for some feedback.

“Most employers will do this if they are interested in learning and adapting the working environment,” she said.

“Again, my advice here is to prepare ahead, so that you can provide balanced and constructive feedback during the exit interview process.”

And here’s what a good resignation letter will look like

This is the best resignation letter, according to Seek. Source: Supplied

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