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There is a lot more to cryptocurrency than trading: Here’s why

·3-min read
Caleb & Brown (Getty Images)

There’s a lot more to cryptocurrency than trading. To remain successful in today’s increasingly volatile market investors need to have a sharp focus on security, storage, and reporting.

A personal broker is well placed to help you make strategic decisions to safeguard your investments. But that’s not the only benefit; a personal broker is also a huge asset when it comes to protecting retail traders from the increasing scams and security risks faced by cryptocurrency and digital asset investors.

When you open an account with Caleb & Brown, the world’s leading cryptocurrency brokerage, you’ll be paired with a personal broker. They will not only give objective research and analysis to help guide your investment decisions, but also check any communication you receive is legitimate, and safeguard you against trading unsafe assets, – giving you ultimate peace of mind.

“Scammers are highly sophisticated now,” confirms Senior Broker at Caleb & Brown, Nils Hamilton. But between the infrastructure, security measures, and the deep knowledge of the brokers and traders at Caleb & Brown, “we provide an extra layer of security on top of the standard 2FA to really protect our clients – both from scammers and making the wrong move.”

Human connection

“We have had a number of clients who’ve been SIM swapped and their emails compromised” says Nils.

“At Caleb & Brown we require an extra human step before approving a withdrawal. Because we know our clients personally, we talk to them, and know their voices so we can verify any instructions. We might also request extra proof such as a selfie with a passport, or a video call. These are simple steps but mean we can go beyond in our service to protect clients.” Nils adds: “Many of our clients are new to the crypto space which can be difficult to navigate safely even for experienced investors. It’s not always clear if you should install a third party extension, sign a transaction, or trust someone in a chat group appearing to help you. We’re here to help people understand the space without putting themselves at risk, even if the question is outside of C&B’s service.”

Informed investing

Caleb & Brown offer unparalleled investor education delivering our clients research and technical analysis through a full service offering. If clients are thinking of investing, Caleb and Brown can provide the facts about projects and the market to aid the client in their decision making and portfolio allocation.


In the Caleb & Brown brokerage team, many brokers come from traditional finance backgrounds, a strong discipline they bring to the cryptocurrency market.

Working closely with brokers, the trading team’s extensive experience and attention to detail means their execution of trades is second to none. “I’ve seen our traders sit there for hours to ensure a client’s sizeable trade is executed at the best possible price”, says Nils.


Caleb & Brown use battle-tested infrastructure, Fireblocks, which is the world's leading digital asset custody platform for institutions. This multi-layer technology uses MPC cryptography and hardware isolation which helps secure funds from cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human error. That’s not all. Insurance is rare in the world of crypto, but Caleb & Brown offer insurance for assets held by Fireblocks. This means, in the unlikely circumstance of an attack, your assets are protected.

Caleb & Brown is trusted by 20,000 clients in more than 100 countries. To enquire about crypto investing with a personal broker visit or call 1800 849 149

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