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How to nail a remote job interview

Emily Bowen and Shelley Johnson
·3-min read
How to nail a remote interview. Source: Devil Wears Prada
How to nail a remote interview. Source: Devil Wears Prada

While hiring has definitely slowed, it hasn’t stopped altogether. In fact, many employers are still recruiting - they’re just doing it remotely.

Here are six tips to nailing that remote interviewing, and bagging the job.

1. Test your technology

As if an interview wasn't nerve-wracking enough already, we have to add technology into the mix. With so many different video conferencing platforms, it's easy to get caught out. Whether it's Zoom, Skype, Webex or Teams, have a practice run with a friend to get familiar with the platform.

We know there's nothing worse than your connection freezing mid-interview question, so check that your internet works well too.

Be sure to have a backup plan in place. This could be as simple as having the mobile number or email address of the interviewer in case there are any technical difficulties throughout the interview.

2. Curate the perfect space

Sit down and turn your camera on. What can be seen?

Frame your face clearly in the centre of the screen. Check the angle of your camera. Change the position or height of your laptop to get the angle right so you're not looking down at the camera. Take a look around the space. Clear away clutter and make the space clean and tidy.

Be wary of noise or distractions that might interrupt you, like housemates in the kitchen or a busy road outside. Find a quiet space that enables you to focus.

3. Smile and keep eye contact

Eye contact can be particularly tricky when there are multiple people on the screen – and when you can see yourself!

It’s tempting to want to fix your hair and check your own facial expressions but don’t let this get in the way of you from making a connection with the interviewer.

How to nail a remote interview. Source: Mean Girls
How to nail a remote interview. Source: Mean Girls

4. Speak even more clearly than you would in an in-person interview.

Technology can create a barrier between you and interviewer. So be extra careful to let others finish what they are saying before you start talking.

5. What you wear still matters

Dress for the interview in the exact same way you would if you were attending in person.

How to nail a remote interview. Source: Step Brothers
How to nail a remote interview. Source: Step Brothers

6. Show your personality

Let your warmth and humour shine through the screen.

Relax, laugh and use hand gestures and body language to tell a story just like you would in person (just make sure you give yourself the space to do this when you have your practice run so you don’t knock anything over!).

For more tips on how to nail your interview, check out our My Millennial Career Episode here.

Emily Bowen and Shelley Johnson host My Millennial Career: a podcast to help you navigate your way through work and build a career you love.

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