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How to get Spotify to send you a free Google Home

Spotify is offering free Google Home Minis. Images: Facebook, Getty

Spotify listeners can now score a free Google Home Mini, valued at $79, thanks to a new promotion from the online music streaming service.

The promotion offers a Google Home Mini to Spotify users with a Premium for Family account, and is available until 14 May.

To claim, users must also be the account’s main contact, or they must upgrade to a family account. They must also be at least 18 years old.

The offer was shared on Facebook group, Markdown Addicts Australia, where excited shoppers are now sharing their deliveries.

“Got a free Google Mini today with my family Spotify account!” one user said.

Image: Facebook

“Mine arrived today and we only ordered on Friday,” added another.

In order to redeem the Google Home, the primary account holder needs to register their interest with Spotify about receiving a Promotional Code. Spotify will then send the Promotional Code by email to the account holder who can then use it to redeem the Google Home Mini on the Google Store.

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