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Simple way Richard Branson keeps his New Year’s resolutions

Do you share Richard Branson's New Year's resolution? Image: Getty

Virgin billionaire Richard Branson has a New Year’s resolution that probably sounds familiar to many people: to put his health first. 

As he explained in a blog post this week: “You only get one body so it’s important to look after it. I’m going to make sure I’m getting enough rest, staying fit and healthy and eating well.”

But Branson added that sticking to a New Year’s resolution can be tricky, noting that many choose not to make one as they believe they’ve failed if they don’t keep it. 

“I think it’s always better to be aiming for something, than nothing at all. Even if you only get one step closer, it’s still a step in the right direction,” he said. 

And he has one simple tip for keeping them: “Write it down.”

“Ever since I was a young boy I have made lists of goals and resolutions. It’s how I make sense of the ideas in my head, the suggestions I receive, and the progress we are making,” Branson said. 

“What’s more, if I didn’t write down all of my ideas and resolutions, I might forget them!”

He gave five tips for making a list that’s easy to stick to:

Write it down

Branson said people should write down every single idea they have. 

“No idea is too small, and no idea is too big either. On a notebook, on your phone or on a napkin – it doesn’t matter where, it just matters that you do it.”

Have more than one list

He said having a list full of “outlandish goals” and another of “manageable tasks” will mean you complete everything you need to, while also pursuing a vision. 

“Make sure you have personal goals as well as business goals. There’s no real separation between work and life, it’s all just living. The same goes for lists.”

Check them off

Ticking off a completed job is a great feeling, so just check them off, Branson said.

Make your goals measurable

As writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

You need to make your goals measurable so you can be sure that you’re getting closer to achieving them. 

“There’s no point setting targets if you don’t know if you are hitting them,” Branson said. 

Share your goals

If you share them with someone, you’ll be kept accountable. And if they share their goals with you, you can also motivate each other, Branson said. 

“But remember that, in the end, you are doing this for yourself.”

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