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How Melbourne Kingmaker coached his way to $350,000

·Finance reporter
·3-min read
The kingmaker Carlo Chincarini in a black shirt looks down the barrel of the camera.
Kingmaker Carlo Chincarini coaches individuals, business owners and athletes to reach their goals (Image: Supplied).

Carlo Chincarini had more than 12 years experience in coaching and educating when COVID-19 and associated lockdowns hit. With his existing business shut down, the stay at home dad used his time to start the Kingmaker, helping clients improve and grow their lives through mindset and confidence—a gamble that's grown to $350,000 annually in two years. Yahoo Finance spoke to Carlo about how coaching became his business.

What does your business do?

Basically, I coach people, I coach business owners and elite athletes. The Kingmaker brand is all about helping people that are already great at what they do to succeed.

With business owners, I do a lot of money work with them to grow their their businesses - whether that's an online or bricks and mortar business.

I help business owners grow and develop into the best version of themselves so that they can make money and grow their business.

With the elite athletes, I help them to optimise their mind to get better results both on and off the field, in whatever sport they play.

How did you get started?

I know that a lot of business owners put so much heart and passion into what they do and they struggle with money.

They struggle making money, they struggle keeping money, and it doesn't add up because they work long hours that are so stressful.

I saw that and wanted to do something about it so I approached a couple of people that I knew and I said; "Hey, this is what I'm looking to do. I know I can help, let's do something."

It snowballed from there.

What have been some of the biggest business milestones you’ve hit?

Seeing a client make their first sale after a knock of confidence.

Despite what most people make it look like, online business is not an easy space. It requires the person behind the business to be the very, very best.

It's special to be able to see someone hit $20,000 per month for the first time and send you photos of the incline even when they're in complete disbelief themselves.

Personally, I think it’s really cool to see how the progress and success unfolds.

I've also been able to work with really cool organisations, sporting teams and companies to help them succeed.

For example, I have a client in the e-commerce space which has been able to achieve a revenue over $5 million, up from around $500,000. I've been able to help the founders achieve incredible success. So that's really special.

A man with arms crossed smiling at the camera
Carlo Chincarini lives in Melbourne with his wife Stacy and two young children Scarlett and Max (Image: Supplied).

How does it feel to scale a business solo to $350,000?

It's a great feeling to be able to grow a business that serves business owners and athletes in a time when it's needed most.

My focus has always been to provide value and solutions for my clients problems. My growth is just a by-product of that.

What’s your biggest tip for an aspiring entrepreneur?

What I would say is to look within, rather than always looking out at others and presuming they have everything figured out, because it's often not the case. You've got to have confidence and the certainty within yourself about what you do.

A business can only ever be as good as the person behind it, so it will only ever succeed at the level of personal, emotional and mental development of the business owner.

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