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How does your salary stack up against other Australians?

How much do you bring home compared to others? (Photo: Getty)

When it comes to assessing where our income sits compared to other Australians, a whopping 95 per cent of us are off the mark, according to an ANU study.

While it may feel like you’re struggling more than most, in actuality, you may be sitting on higher income than many other Australians.

If you’re earning little to virtually no income (anywhere between $1 and $7,799 a year), you’re in the lowest income bracket among 5.2 per cent of other Australians, according to 2016 census data as reported by ABC.

If you make $7,800 to $15,599 a year, 86 per cent of Australians earn more than you.

Those taking home between $15,600 and $20,799 make more money than 14 per cent of Aussies, but less than three in four Aussies.

If your annual income is $20,800 to $25,999 a year, you’re among 10 per cent of other people. You earn more than 24 per cent of Aussies, but two thirds of Australians take home more.

Those pocketing $26,000 to $33,799 earn less than 57 per cent than others, but more than 34 per cent of Aussies.

Bang-on in the middle are those bringing home $33,800 to $41,599 a year: 47 per cent of Australians earn less than the 9.2 per cent of people in this bracket. However, this group takes home 43 per cent more than others.

And if you’re among the 10 per cent of people who earn anywhere between $41,600 to $51,999, you officially earn more than half (53 per cent) of Australians, with 37 per cent of people who still earn more than you.

Creeping up higher on the scale are the 10.2 per cent of Aussies who take home $52,000 to $64,999. This group earns 63 per cent more than others, with another 27 per cent who bring home more bacon.

But if you earn any more than this, you belong to smaller groups that sit at the higher end of the scale.

Next bracket up are the 7 per cent of people who earn $65,000 to $77,999: only one in five people earn more than these Aussies.

Earning more than 80 per cent of Australians are the 5 per cent of people with salaries between $78,000 and $90,000.

A 4.1 per cent slice of the population earn $91,000 to $103,999, which means they’re earning more than 86 per cent of Australians.

In the second-highest income bracket are the 6.2 per cent of those who pocket $104,000 to $155,999 a year, or more than what 90 per cent of Aussies make.

Making the most of all are people who earn upwards of an eye-watering $156,000 a year, taking home more money than 96 per cent of Australians.

Unsurprisingly, doctors, CEOs, lawyers and senior managers make up more than a quarter of those in the top earners bracket.

Meanwhile, sales, retail and hospitality workers make up a large chunk of the opposite end of the scale.

How wealthy Australia is (or isn’t) according to local government areas

(Source: ABC, ABS 2016 Census data)

Wealth is unevenly distributed across Australia.

The top 10 local government areas with the highest proportion of income earners in the top bracket are in NSW and WA.

More than a third of people living in WA’s Ashburton are in the top bracket, most likely due to the strong mining industry in the region, according to the ABC.

Meanwhile, about a quarter (24 per cent) of people living in Sydney’s Mosman are in the top income bracket.

Nine LGAs, all of which are in regional or rural areas and have higher than average Indigenous populations, did not report a single person among the exclusive 3.8 per cent, the ABC reported.

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