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This hidden Uber feature lets loyalty members avoid surge pricing on a single route of choice

Jenni Ryall
  • Uber offers a feature through its Uber Rewards loyalty platform which gives "price confidence" on a selected route – such as from your home to work.
  • Once a route is selected, users are given a set price which remains constant except during "extremely busy times".
  • However, even during such times, users will still receive a maximum 35% discount on the ride.
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If you are a status member of Uber, there's a new feature to cap your ride cost you may not have noticed.

In November, Uber announced it was releasing its Uber Rewards program in Australia and giving regular riders a bunch of bonus items in an attempt to keep them hooked on the rideshare company's offering

The company announced that four tiers of rewards will exist in Australia: Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Every user has access to Blue, and you move up the tiers as you spend more on Uber and Uber Eats.

Once you are a Platinum or Diamond member (read: spend half your salary on Uber), you get access to a neat tool that lets you put in a regular pickup location and final destination and avoid surge prices for UberX on that route. Unfortunately, it cannot be set for Pool, Comfort or Premium, and we can't say it is worth spending the extra dollars on to level-up.

The feature is called "price confidence on a route" and you will find it in the "Uber Rewards" section on the menu of your Uber app.

When you select your pickup and arrival destination, the app will show you the promotional price it has set for the route. This price will hold steady – unless the fare is lower – except in "extremely busy times". However, during strong surge pricing periods, you will still receive a maximum 35% discount on your route.

You are only able to change the route once every 30 days by contacting Uber support – so choose your route carefully.

This feature is a great addition for regular riders, especially those considering using it for their commute. In the US, the company rolled out Ride Pass in 2018, which allows riders to pay a subscription fee of between $US14.99 and $US24.99 to remove surge pricing. Unfortunately, this feature isn't available in Australia, so this option is the closest you can get currently.

At the end of the day, it's still cheaper to get the bus.