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The hardest job interview questions and how to answer them

Reddit users share the toughest interview questions they've been asked - and how they answered them. Source: Getty

Job interviews are never easy, and you’re often thrown a curve-ball question you don’t know how to answer - and can’t dodge either.

“Tell me about yourself,” is a tough one that you’ll undoubtedly get straight off the back. 

Indeed’s head of career insights, Jay Munro, told Yahoo Finance how to tackle this one earlier this year. 

“You need to identify all the things that you’ve done - and it doesn’t have to be work-related - that show your soft skills and the type of character that you are.”

“Why are you leaving your current job?” Is another question that can kick off an interview. 

And even if the real reason is that you weren’t paid enough, or you didn’t get along with your boss, recruitment firm Robert Half told Yahoo Finance you should view the question as an opportunity to demonstrate your work ethic and desire to grow.

But a Reddit thread has revealed some other tough questions users faced in job interviews, and how to answer them to make sure you get the job. 

Why shouldn’t we hire you?

One Reddit user shared this difficult question, and stated his candid response landed him the job.

"Because I care about my family more than my job, and if I have to choose between them and work, I'll choose them,” he said. 

What have you learned in your current job?

The Reddit user, who revealed they had been working a part-time customer service for 2.5 years, had a cheeky response.

“That I never want to do that again,” they responded. And, she got the job. 

Who was our server today?

This user had a lunch interview, and at the end, was asked who served the,/ 

Unfortunately, they didn’t know the answer.

“Must have made me look like a snob though because I didn't get the job.”

What salary are you after?

While Munro told Yahoo Finance ‘what’s the salary?’ is a question you should never ask your potential employer, you can’t hide from it if your potential employer has asked you. 

But one user who was asked this question had a clever idea - and it’s been a failsafe response for them every time.

“I always say “Based on what I’ve learned about XYZ Corp, I’m confident that if you extend me an offer it will be competitive based on my experience.”

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