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Half-price specials: Coles, Woolworths' best deals this week

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Australia's two largest supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, sell a range of products each week at just 50 per cent of the usual price.

These deals rarely bring in much profit for the supermarkets, but they lure customers into the store. Once that happens, the retailers are hoping shoppers will put plenty of full-price items into their trolleys to finish off their weekly grocery shop.

Lucky for you, each week Yahoo Finance scours the shelves to show you all the best half-price deals in one place.

These products sell for half-price from Wednesday September 4 until Tuesday September 10 inclusive:

Coles: best half-price deals

Non-food items:

  • Blackmores Glucosamine 1500mg tablets 150-pack: $21

  • Oral-B Vitality Power Brush Precision Clean: $20

  • Blackmores Super Magnesium+ tablets 100-pack: $15.25

  • Blackmores Probiotics+ Daily Health capsules 30-pack: $14

  • Mortein Professional Surface Spray outdoor and indoor 2L: $14 (better than half-price)

  • Musashi High Protein powder 375g: $12.50

  • Pedigree Dentastix 28-pack: $8.75

  • Cold Power laundry powder 2kg or liquid 1.8-2L: $7.90

  • Dove Triple Moisturising body wash 1L: $6.85

(Image: Coles)

Food items:

  • Hans Twiggy Sticks (from the deli): $15 per kg

  • Cadbury Favourites boxed chocolate 820g: $14

  • Maharajah’s Choice basmati rice 5kg: $9.50

  • Gold Sunset canola, vegetable or sunflower oil 4L: $9

  • La Española olive oil 1L: $7

  • Ferrero Rocher chocolates gift box 16-pack 200g: $6.30

  • Pacific West cocktail spring rolls 1kg: $5.77

  • President camembert or double brie 200g: $5

  • Sanitarium Up & Go liquid breakfast 6x250mL: $4.85

  • Streets Magnum 4-6 pack: $4.25

  • Bulla Creamy Classics ice cream 2L: $4.25

  • Patak’s simmer sauce 450g: $2 (better than half-price)

Woolworths: best half-price deals

Non-food items:

  • Schick Hydro 5 blades 8-pack: $16

  • Swisse High Strength Magnesium Powder Orange 180g: $15 (All Swisse vitamins half-price)

  • Tontine Anti-Bacterial pillow 2-pack: $12

  • Omo Ultimate laundry powder 1.8kg or liquid 1.8L: $11

  • Nature’s Way Instant protein powder 375g: $10.50

  • Ambi Pur Air & Fabric Mist Primary 300mL: $10

  • Energizer Max batteries AA 16-pack or AAA 14-pack: $9.75

  • OGX shampoo or conditioner 385mL: $9

  • John Frieda Premium shampoo or conditioner 250ml: $9

  • Dynamo laundry liquid 1.8-2L: $8.75

(Image: Woolworths)

Food items:

  • Coca-Cola Classic, No Sugar or Diet Soft Drink cans 24x375mL: $15.55

  • Nescafe Gold Original instant coffee 200g: $9

  • Primo Kransky double-smoked or cheese (from the deli): $8 per kg

  • Cadbury Favourites 373g: $7

  • Connoisseur ice cream 1L: $5

  • Four 'N' Twenty Angus beef pies 760g 4-pack: $4.32

  • Patties party pies or party sausage rolls 450-560g: $3.90

  • Sara Lee Danish varieties 400g: $3.12

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