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Warning: Hackers lurk behind these 10 movies

Hackers are lurking behind these 10 movies. Source: NY Times

Are you a fan of the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper remake of A Star Is Born

Did you love Keanu Reeves’ newest John Wick instalment?

If you watched either of those films during lockdown, chances are you’ve been unknowingly targeted by a cybercriminal, new data from McAfee has revealed. 

With over three quarters of Australians binging TV, and two thirds browsing the internet to kill time during the coronavirus lockdown, cybercriminals are having a field day, McAfee safety expert, Alex Merton-McCann, said.

“Cyber criminals are quick to use consumer trends and behaviours to ensure their scam strategies are extra timely and convincing,” Merton-McCann said.

“Consumers need to remain vigilant when browsing online, particularly when searching for their favourite TV shows and movies. 

“Any link could very well lead to malicious websites that infect devices or steal valuable, personal information, so should think before you click.”  

By analysing more than 100 of the most popular TV and movie titles, McAfee has nailed down the top 10 web risks list. 

Ranked from highest to lowest risk, here are the top 10 riskiest movies:

  1. Ace Ventura 

  2. Green Book 

  3. John Wick 

  4. Machinist 

  5. Annihilation 

  6. Ex Machina 

  7. A Star Is Born 

  8. Fyre 

  9. Lady Macbeth 

  10. Bird Box 

And here are the top 10 riskiest TV shows:

  1. Unorthodox

  2.  You 

  3. Family Guy 

  4. Big Mouth 

  5. Homeland 

  6. The Vampire Diaries 

  7. Dynasty 

  8. Lost 

  9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

  10. Stranger Things 

How can I protect myself against cybercriminals?

  1. Be careful what you click

This means you should only access entertainment content directly from a reliable source.

“The safest thing to do is to subscribe to a streaming site that offers the content or download the movie from sources like iTunes or Amazon, instead of downloading a ‘free’ version from a website that could contain malware,” Merton-McCann said.

  1. Refrain from using illegal streaming sites

Illegal streaming sites are riddled with malware disguised as pirated video files. 

“Do your device a favour and stream the show from a reputable source.”

  1. Protect your online realm with a cybersecurity solution

Comprehensive security solutions can help protect your computer (and your information) from malware, phishing attacks and other threats.

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