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'Googling unsolved murders': Woman's unsettling find under oven

Nadine Carroll
·3-min read

A woman on TikTok has made an unsettling discovery in her home that has left her “googling unsolved murders in her local area”.

Posting on TikTok under the username @live_ex_dream, the woman first noticed something was unusual about her new home when a wooden panel from underneath the oven dropped, leaving a gap in her kitchen counter.

The woman was stunned to find a silver briefcase wedged in the gap, however what she found inside of it sent a shiver down the spine of over 600,000 TikTok users who watched the video.

TikTok/ user live_ex_dream found something unusual in her kitchen
The woman noticed a wooden panel from underneath the oven fall, leaving a gap in her kitchen counter with a briefcase hidden behind it. Source: TikTok/live_ex_dream

“A metal bar inside?” she asked followers in a video that showed a bright pink long object.

“I think you should call the police. It could be a murder weapon from the previous person who lived there,” one user replied.

Several people suspected it was a lot more innocent though.

“It looks like an old barbecue set,” a person suggested.

Barbecue tools or murder weapons?

In a second video the TikTok user showed more items she found in the gap including knives and large forks.

"That is probably what the utensils are and what was in the case... but doesn't explain why they've been emptied out and replaced with a bar?" the woman replied.

The majority of viewers agreed the items resembled some sort of kit used for grilling food but then the woman revealed another discovery she had made in the attic.

"In August, I noticed something behind the sink while cleaning," she shared in a third video.

The video then revealed an assortment of odd items.

"Pulled it out and... it seemed to be the base of something that had the top cut off."

TikTok users were amused by what they guessed as sex toys hidden but to make the discovery even more bizarre the woman said she also found "pages and pages of usernames."

A woman on TikTok finds bbq tools and a list of usernames hidden in her home.
The assortment of strange items found hidden in a TikTok user's house. Source: TikTok/live_ex_dream

Viewers took guesses as to who the previous residents may have been.

Some thought they were pranksters who left the items for a laugh.

“It’s like they thought, ‘what is the weirdest s**t we can leave behind',” one person commented.

Another thought it might be a little more sinister.

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“I read too much into these things but what if it was a murderer and those are the usernames of the people he murdered?” a person asked.

“And the tools are trophies from each victim. Fits well together,” another user agreed.

The woman confirmed to followers that while she agreed the discoveries were pretty weird, she had reported it to police who told her “the previous owners weren’t connected to anything that could make it dodgy, so they’re not interested.”

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