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‘This is a first’: Garbage man finds 10 envelopes stuffed with $150,000

(Source: Getty, Twitter)

A Japanese man discovered more than 11 million yen – or more than $150,000 – while sorting through rubbish at a garbage disposal facility in Toyota City, Japan.

According to Tokyo Reporter, the Green Clean Fujinooka employee found the cash in 10 envelopes while sorting metal from oversized garbage.

The bills amounted to 11.27 million yen, or roughly $152,638, in thousands of 10,000 yen notes, 5,000 yen notes and even 1,000 yen (AU$13.54) notes.

The windfall was found amid the broken wood of a desk.

“After I saw a single 10,000-yen note, I found a whole envelope,” the employee told Fuji News Network.

“Then I saw more wrapped bundles. I wondered if they were fakes.”

Designs on the bank notes suggest that the cash was issued during or before 2007.

However, the employee who made the discovery most likely won’t be able to keep the cash: the city of Toyota will get in touch with local police about the money, and the owner will have three months to collect their funds from police.

“In 20 years of doing this work, this is a first,” said the worker.

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