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Gallery: Inside Australia’s most expensive (and secret) apartment

Soaring above Sydney’s CBD and occupying three storeys, this penthouse apartment has been dubbed Australia’s most expensive apartment – and it’s currently on the market.

The ANZ tower penthouse hit the market last March but has so far failed to sell, despite its staggering views and design.


Current owners, property developer John Boyd and wife Marly are asking for a cool $66 million.

Forty three storeys high, the apartment is Sydney’s highest and was designed by Richard Francis-Jones from Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp architects.


“It’s hard for me to think of another apartment in the world like this,” Francis-Jones said of the space.

The apartment won the 2017 International Design & Architecture Award for finest residence.


It is accessible via a private lift which opens onto a wall of champagne.

The luxe dwelling also has a private rooftop pool and handcrafted furnishings.


“People come up to me and say, is there really an apartment on the top of that building? People can’t quite believe it, you know,” Francis-John said.

“And so I think on the one hand it’s kind of famous and has this strong sense of identity and on another level it’s private and discrete and I think that offers a really particular type of privileged living.”


It sprawls across 2,400sqm with a private garage.

Christie’s International Real Estate

And it features a louvred “winter room”.

Christie’s International Real Estate

And it comes fitted out with a panelled cigar and dinner room.

Christie’s International Real Estate

Well, what are you waiting for?

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