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Furniture of the Future: These office items are your doorway to business success

Improve your standing in the business world with a Professional Sit Stand Desk ($299) that will give you a fresh perspective on your daily business! The adjustable desk allows you to change up your position throughout the day, which comes with a multitude of health benefits but will also give you whole new way of seeing the world and your work. Set it up on top of your desk or table and adjust the height to suit your needs and see what fresh ideas occur to you thanks to your new, flexible way of working.

Maximise your efficiency in the office by investing in the Stilford Electric Desk ($499). Powered by a single motor, the height can be adjusted between 715 and 1115 mm while the ergonomic design encourages better posture. Best of all, the futuristic design and scratch-resistant melamine finish gives a fresh, modern feel to your workspace or home office- transforming your time spent working into a focused and feel-good experience.

Put yourself in the best position possible for business success with the Professional Ergonomic Extra Heavy Duty Chair ($297). The sturdy build is seamlessly combined with a timeless design, making it a long-term investment for your business far into the future. The chair height, armrest height, seat and back are all adjustable so you’ll work comfortably all day – helping increase your productivity in the most stylish way possible!

Every business needs storage space, but make sure yours will impress your clients with its minimalist modern style. The Halcyon Chrome and Gloss Bookcase ($99.00) will suit any workspace with its chrome frame and high gloss white UV board shelves, while the open shelving allows your creativity to shine with the items you choose to display, from indoor greenery to colourful books and magazines to awards or personal trinkets. The smooth, glossy surface makes the bookcase easy to clean and means it will be a long-term addition to your office furniture collection.

First impressions last, so make sure your business is looking sharp by tucking your unsightly papers out of sight into a sleek Venturo 1 drawer filing pedestal($79.00). The single-drawer system suits both A4 and foolscap suspension files and keeps your documents in order and on-hand for easy reference, but hidden behind the clean, powder-coated finish that makes it durable and long lasting.

Give your office a fashionable refresh with expert advice and stylish fitouts. The Officeworks Office Fitout Solutions service can reinvigorate your office space, giving a fresh energy with clever colour choices and futuristic furniture. Whether you want to bulk-buy your dream desks or need an extra helping hand from an expert consultant, the Fitout Solutions service is a one-stop shop for a makeover that will make business boom.