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Petrol discounts for Origin customers - how to get yours

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Petrol and Origin Energy sign
If you are struggling to keep your fuel tank topped up, there are several ways to save on petrol. (Source: Getty/Reuters)

Origin is offering its customers a little extra relief at the pump, with customers able to save 4c a litre at EG petrol stations.

While petrol prices are easing across the country, fuel remains a major cost for Aussie households.

To claim the fuel discount, people just need to download the Origin app and present the fuel discount barcode at participating petrol stations.

Motorists can shave off an extra 4c a litre by presenting a receipt or Everyday Rewards Card showing a purchase of $30 or more from a participating Woolworths Supermarket or Metro.

If you spend another $5 in store in any EG petrol station, you can also get another 4c a litre off.

In total, motorists could save up to 12c a litre by combining all three offers.

Other ways to reduce petrol costs

While coupons and rewards can be a good way to save on petrol, shopping around remains one of the best ways to keep fuel costs down.

It’s not uncommon for there to be a 28-cent difference between the highest and lowest-priced fuel in one area, which adds up over the course of a year.

There are several different apps and websites for comparing fuel prices that you can use, including mandatory fuel prices databases in some states and territories.

Carsales director of content Mike Sinclair said there were a few other strategies motorists could employ to save on fuel.

He recommended monitoring air tyre pressure, shedding extra weight out of your car and keeping up to date with maintenance to improve the fuel economy of your vehicle.

He also said people could reduce fuel use by accelerating gently, and turning cars off at lights (if they didn’t do it automatically.)

Planning your trip so you take the shortest route is another way you can save on petrol.

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