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Woolworths v Coles: New app compares prices

This app helps shoppers get the best deal at Coles and Woolworths. Images: Getty

There are few things as annoying as purchasing one item from Woolworths, only to see it half price at Coles two days later. 

But a new app from the Family Insights Group (ASX: FAM) company could spell the end of that. 

Family Insights Group’s app, Frugl, allows shoppers to compare products at the two major supermarkets across price, nutritional value, health ratings, sustainability and potential allergens.

The app is available on both Apple and Android devices.

This app could save you big. Image: Frugl

While the savings will depend on the individual shopper, Family Insights Group CEO Sean Smith told Yahoo Finance that shoppers have been known to reach 30 per cent savings on their grocery lists.

And that’s especially the case if the shopper chooses branded products over retailer home brands.

“Keep in mind that each of the majors place roughly 3000-3500 items on promotion each week, and there's very little cross-over between those items, so of the estimated 7000 products on promotion across the retailers, most of those are unique and not on-sale across both,” he added.

“That means that once you build out a list, the pricing on those products can change each week and may be cheaper at one retailer one week and then cheaper at the other retailer the following week.”

The app also allows shoppers to set recommended daily intake thresholds and measure those against their shopping lists, with plans to filter products by diets like organic or vegan. 

Shoppers concerned about additives will also be able to filter items by those ingredients. 

Additionally, Frugl allows shoppers to use the in-built product scanner to cross-reference products while shopping.

Aldi the cheapest overall

Which supermarket comes out on top? Image: Getty

While Frugl will allow shoppers to compare product-by-product across Coles and Woolworths, Aldi comes out on top in terms of overall value for money.

Consumer advocate group Choice’s annual Christmas test found Aldi is the cheapest place to shop for Christmas groceries, with the average Christmas shopping basket costing $174.50.

Choice’s 2017 supermarket price survey also crowned Aldi the cheapest overall.

Smith said Aldi poses a challenge when it comes to comparing prices, as there’s limited cross-over in product brands.

“But that said, we are considering adding Aldi catalogue items sometime in the future, and potentially other grocery brands that put out weekly catalogues for us to integrate as well.”

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