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Frida Ruiz started her organization to help educate young people about the significance of climate change

High schooler Frida Ruiz believes that young people are the future of the climate movement. That’s why she started The Green Cause (@thegreencause), an organization dedicated to creating educational environmental materials and getting kids and teens excited about the fight against climate change!

Born in Peru, Frida moved to New Jersey at the age of 5. She inherited her interest in climate change from her father, who is, himself, passionate about nature and the environment. “What got me really interested in the environment is definitely my dad talking passionately about biology and showing me a bunch of documentaries and trying to have a very genuine discussion,” Frida tells In The Know.

While Frida has long had a personal interest in the environment, she was first inspired to get involved in environmental activism when she noticed the amount of litter in her community. “One day, I was walking around my local community center and I noticed that there was a lot of litter, even with a bunch of trash cans nearby,” Frida recalls. “I realized that the majority of people who hang out in the community center are children, and it’s not entirely their fault that they’re the ones littering because they’re not educated enough.”

In her own high school, Frida felt that climate change wasn’t emphasized enough in the curriculum. She began to suspect that there was a link between young people’s disregard for the environment and their lack of climate education. “I figured I could really start something,” she recalls. “I could really start a platform for like-minded high school students who are feeling the same way that I did.”


Frida launched The Green Cause, an organization for teenagers to create educational content about climate change and the environment. With the help of other teenaged volunteers, Frida creates infographics and PowerPoint presentations that make learning about environmentalism fun and accessible. “The main thing that we do at The Green Cause is create environmental educational presentations,” Frida explains. “Once our members finish making their presentations, they either reach out to their local schools to give presentations or we present them with different opportunities through partnerships.”

While Frida believes that governmental policy is essential to fighting climate change, she also believes that it’s important to sway the hearts and minds of everyday people. “You also have to make sure that the generation that’s going to be impacted by those changes, that they understand the importance of the environment,” she explains.

Frida has two main goals: To provide teachers with educational resources they might be lacking, and to enlist more young people in the battle against climate change. “[The Green Cause] provides educational resources for teachers all over America,” Frida explains. “Even if there’s one child who has sparked an interest in sustainability, or at least thinks about our actions, I think we’ve done our job.”

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